Monday, August 31, 2009

A new baby neice!!!

Well i now have my first neice (of many i hope) Andie Jane Price. My eldest brother Jason and his Wife Tracey added to their family today, and I am sure my nephew Cooper will be through the moon about it... Not sure on bubs stats yet as it was not included in the message but it did say that she was absolutely gorgeous.. not that they are biased or anything LOL.. but i am sure she will be as my nephew was a gorgeous baby and he still is a very hadsome boy now at the age of 3..
I am waiting for a text back to see when they are up for visitors as she had c-section, so i am not sure how they are going, or when they are up for visitors. But i cannot wait for my first cuddle.... oh boy do bubbas make me clucky...cluck...cluck...cluck...
Although the morning that Master O has had does not make me clucky at all, he has been so out of sorts today, i found myslef just walking away to calm down before i spoke to him... now he has layed on the spare bed and fallen asleep all by himself so i am guessing he was a very tired boy.. he fell asleep at about 10:45 but he normally does not sleep till 12-1230 so hopefully he has a long sleep and gets his crankyness out of his system!!!!
while he has slept i have managed to hang washing bring a load in, wrap fathers day and a friends birthday pressies all by myself which has been amazing it is nice and peaceful here...
i might go and enjoy my peace and quiet i think maybe paint my nails or something!!!!!

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