Sunday, August 30, 2009

This is a 1st.....

wow first time blogger here..... i figure its a bit easier than keeping endless diaries that my son enjoys drawing all over and ripping apart...bless him..
My dear son is testing me more and more each day lately, he is really discovering the word "NO" which hubby and i decided when Master O was still a baby that we would not use that word we would use ah ah or stop. Since i have a childcare backgroud of about 8years i know how annoying that NO word can be... i still have no idea where he is getting it from as he was saying it before he started daycare 2 weeks.... i am guessing maybe grandparents or other relatives... i am finding that i know say no alot obviously because i constantly am hearing it from him, so it just seems to be going aorund in circles at the moment..grrr
Fathers Day on sunday and i have NO IDEA... i got him the new kettle he wanted to match his coffee machine (LOL) and the new alarm clock, as ours seems to get faster and faster over night and there is nothng worse than getting up thinking you have just beat your alarm when actually you have beaten it by over an hour!!!!! Other than those two gifts i have nothing..... was thinking about maybe taking him to the coast for the saturday night for a surprise and having a nice brekky... but he is working saturday and is unsure when he will finish... i think i night away would be great for us.... i know master O would love it...might go check out and see whats around...

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