Monday, September 7, 2009

Bathroom renovations...oh the joys

Well yesterday the day finally came that i had been waiting for the bathroom reno started!!! I just want it over now.... they are doing a great job but unforunately there is no door on the bathroom and with Oliver being 22months and very interested in everything thats going on i cant keep him out of there without a fight... take him out you say.... well i had great plans of visiting people thisweek except Oliver has woken with a green snotty nose and i dont want to be passing that on. I want to go to the shops and do groceries, except i have to sit here like an idiot waiting for the waterproofer to come now....Thank goodness its daycare day tomorrow!!!!

We have another bathroom downstairs so showering is not a problem more a pain in ass though... Oliver almost flooded the place as the shower downstairs only has a shower curtain and boy does Oliver like playing peek a boo with that... Hubbys dad lives downstairs so we cant really leave all our shower crap down there 24\7 so we bring it back up and take it down for each shower... they told us today that it should be all done this time next week so for my sanity please keep your fingers crossed.....

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  1. You know, everytime I watch the reno shows on TV I think how cool it would be to do that. Then I look over at the boys and think OMFG what AM I thinking?? LOL You are welcome over here, we have snotty noses too (well Pat and I do).

    Can't wait to see it when its finished!